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  1. Come on guys. Can't buy tickets if they're not for sale! Was hoping to do it all in one go. Are you telling me I'm gonna have to stand in line again? Probably in the rain? I thought god invented the internet to avoid that!
  2. I think it's fair to say that my opinion of the eventbrite shopping experience is not high. My students write better code - and they're 11. Unfortunately now I'm only getting a blank page when trying to buy tickets, even when searching for comic con using their site's wonderful search engine. I've tried multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. They seem to have lost comic con. Bit careless of them. Hopefully they will have found by tomorrow, so I can have another go at beating the clock. Who knew that buying tickets could be so much fun?
  3. I agree with all the above. I've only recently started visiting conventions, so this was my first meeting with Nicola and hope it won't be my last. Probably the loveliest person I've met so far.
  4. My reasons for a gold pass: Early entry for easier purchases. Fast turnaround on photo shoots to squeeze them in. Chance to sit down so my recurring slipped disc doesn't immobilise me. FRIDAY A team walked the queue handing out comic golds, then silvers. A little later they both walked the queue again. The crew handing out gold passes took a more leisurely approach. I found them near the door as regular ticket holders streamed in. I eventually got in at 6.15, so faced a 40 minute queue to buy photo tickets. SATURDAY At the Summer Glau shoot I showed my pass and was sent to the back of the "gold" queue. I knew there were a lot of passes this year so wasn't worried by the size. I eventually realised they were ignoring passes and just lumping us all together. For my next shoot I insisted on being sent to the front. The crew member I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about and had to get help! They eventually set up a gold queue, but had to keep pushing regular ticket holders at of the way. I would like to say how good humoured the "regulars" remained during this bizarre dance. Although this situation improved over the weekend, some photos areas were less than fussy when it came to checking passes. The biggest problem was at E, but this was not really their fault. Some idiot had come up with the idea of using a busy passageway as photo queue area. Not surprisingly the crews' biggest priority was keeping things moving. Hats off to them for that. SUNDAY As I mentioned earlier, I was amazed at how tolerant regular ticket holders remained. The same was not so of all crew. I struck up a conversation with one crew member queueing for autographs on Sunday. He didn't realise I was gold, and told me that whenever he saw a gold pass "pushing" his way to the front he wanted to tell them to F*** O**. Obviously £195 is not enough to warrant priority. GOLD ROOM What can I say. My back really appreciated having to clamber onto a table. There were a number of non-golds in there, but they had already been punished enough for their crimes. Being in the gold room! CONCLUSION The gold pass still made things easier, but not as much as previously. I do think that £195 is a bit much for a packet of crisps. I do want to make it clear that my rant is NOT directed at the crew. Their training was not up to scratch, but that's the management's fault. Photo area E caused problems, but that's the management's fault. The gold room was a sham, but that's the management's fault. Maybe the management should be sacked and the hard working crew take over?
  5. ANOTHER GOLD PASS PANIC I've just received my final ticket order confirmation. Reading the small print it said that if you have a gold pass, you need to bring the payment confirmation email with you. Unfortunately I never received a payment confirmation email! Payment was taken on 14/07/13 - according to my shop account - but no confirmation email. This didn't worry me at the time as I assumed there would be more info coming (and confirmation emails for my previous comiccon outing were a little erratic). All I have been told so far is that I need to bring ID. Do I also need the non-existent confirmation email? I won't be overly impressed if I can't get in! I have emailed the shop, but as I received no response to my August email requesting info I'm not going to hold my breath. Sorry if this sounds like I'm in a panic, BUT I AM!!!
  6. Now all is clear, but I wonder why it isn't made clear at the time of purchase? There is no mention of ticket holder names or the need to select autograph genre at time of purchase - if you simply use the shop cart. Finding the gold pass info page is no mean feat either. A simple link on the shop form to an info page would solve all these problems. Instead we are told to "read on", but are left to our own devices to track down that material.
  7. Many thanks for that. Do we need to bring some form of ID to pick up the gold passes? I've purchased 2, so obviously they are both in my name. Sorry if I'm sounding a little anxious, but I like to know clearly what the procedures are - especially as £175 each is not exactly cheap. I'm sure they will be worth it, but it would be unfortunate if I didn't bring something that is required to collect them.
  8. Hi Can anyone give me some info on the full features of the gold pass? The website says there are a lot of bonus features, but doesn't actually say what they are. We are told to read on for more info on autograph packs, but I can't find anything else to read! I've emailed both showmasters and comiccon, but no reply in over a week from either address. Any useful info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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