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  1. Awesome-balls :) Now please get Bruce McGill :) :)
  2. James May Richard Hammond Jeremy Clarkson John DiMaggio Frank Welker Peter Cullen Joss Whedon Just a few of my suggestions :)
  3. Glad you enjoyed meeting her, I know she really enjoyed meeting everyone :)
  4. Did he really do this character???? he much have such a range of voices Heck yeah he did!!!!!
  5. Grazer

    EMS Confirmations

    Sorry dude, I'd love to but for this show I can't. That's understandable mate, I completely forgot this was on. My bad, need to learn to file emails properly lol
  6. Umm. Or buy a photo op ticket? I was thinking more for autographs
  7. Grazer

    EMS Confirmations

    I completely forgot to send my reply back (doh) Any room for 1 more? Won't need a hotel
  8. So......camping outside on the Saturday night if you want to guarantee (or as close to guaranteeing) you'll see him then?
  9. Grazer

    Carl Froch

    Pointed out = he was told. Carl Froch ignored the advice and signed it anyway I've done guest assisting before, I have told a guest that only 1 has been paid for when they've tried to get another once before. They proceeded to sign the item anyway. I've even pointed it out to the guest afterwards that they shouldn't have signed it and they said "it was my choice" What can you do? Rip the item out of the guests hands? You were honest Kieron, tuck60 was not. The blame lies with him for trying, the assistant pointed it out to Carl that he had only paid for one (they didn't simply do nothing as you're implying), Carl decided to do it anyway. You are right to be aggrieved but as I said, I think you're blaming the wrong people here
  10. Grazer

    Carl Froch

    I'm still waiting for you to explain how exactly you would have stopped Carl from signing the second item. Yes it was wrong but I think you're blaming the wrong person/party in all this
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