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  1. No way am I guna be able to afford the diamond pass, but will hopefully be able to afford a photo shoot.....hopefully!!!
  2. Change the value to 2, we link the orders on the back end. I will have to do another one, as put it through for 1 without thinking doh!! as thought would get another email, stating for photos. oh well
  3. I did 2 orders over 2 days, but only had 1 email!! does that mean I gotta do a value of 2 or will I get another email for my other order???
  4. Not sure But would love him over and I need his auto on this baby
  5. The tall man from Phantasm :) and what with the new one being released soon be a good one for us horror fans. He also be good for fans of Alias.
  6. Yay!! thanks, loving the horror guests, glad we are guna be happy this year.
  7. OMG is all I can keep saying oh and I love you thanks for the nightmare guests.
  8. Neve Campbell would also be nice.
  9. Be nice to have him over, he might be willing to come see his UK fans. Be good for fans of Scream, the craft, Jericho, law and order:LA and Robot Chicken.
  10. I got 32 :) which is pretty good! as was at work when it was announced so didn't order mine till 6 hours after
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