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  1. http://screencapped.net/ http://movie-screencaps.com/ http://kissthemgoodbye.net/movie/index.php To name but 3.
  2. As we have both Summer and Lena how about Thomas Decker?
  3. Rachel Nichols and any other of the Continuum cast (Lexa back again), a new series that will build up a fanbase. (series 1 & 2 only amount to 23 eps). Olivia Wilde!!!!
  4. The first NFCC was an unknown quantiy. Problems were bound to occur. Next year will be different and I hope to be crewing it again. As regards the queuing fiasco that was not the fault of the organisers (Showmasters) but the venue security (AFAIK) they stepped in to manage the queues and got it wrong, no-one is perfect and lessons have been learnt so next year should not see the same happening again. The free talks also brought in more people than expected and the sound system had only been supplied for the central section and couldn't be changed "on the day". Again lessons were learnt. Next year will be differerent and a better experience for all.
  5. I'd like to thank all the crew at NFCC 2014 for making me so welcome on my first time as a crew member. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Hard work (sometimes) long hours (all the time!) , but I've met a whole lot of new friends and enjoyed the whole time thanks to them ( I won't name them but they know who they are). I look forward to meetng them all again at LFCC. For those wishing to join the crew:- If you are a shy person who can't/doesn't feel happy dealing with the public it will change your life for the better. You WILL have a good time! Pip
  6. Yes, they did say tickets from the summer could be used for any day.
  7. Likewise, I'm so gutted. It would've been the first time I'd met her she was the only reason for me making the long trip to London this weekend. Long wait until October, but I'll be there!
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