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  1. There entire Serenity crew would be on my wish list or some Legend of the Seeker guests!
  2. Our group all have standard pre-paid entry tickets for Saturday but want to upgrade to earlybird as several of us want to see Stan and fi as much in as possible. Where would we need to queue up to do so please?
  3. At first, I thought the list was short of guests - but as I have been checking the list of people I want to see just keeps growing almost daily! I am positive that the guys and girls at SM are doing their best to pull in as many guests as possible - after all it is in there intrests to do so! They put on a great show last time - they will not fail this time either, I'm sure. If there are specific guests you want to see maybe you should post on the forum to give SM an idea of who you are after for future events rather than expect them to do a Darren Brown! Personally, I struggled last time
  4. Can we just have a session where we all get to sit down and he reads us a story! The man is a legend!
  5. Definately need some more Merlin stars - Katie McGrath, Emilia Fox, Michelle Ryan and Knights! Both Anthony Head and Alexander Vlahos were brilliant last time! Or as something left field some of the cast from Legend of the Seeker - Bridget Regan, Tabrett Bethell, Bruce Spence, Craig Horner
  6. As a convention newbie last time I took a punt on a couple of things before the end of the show and walked away thinking, Yes! It's in the bag! I was very disappointed when I returned less than 10 mins later only to find out that bids were being accepted immediately after the closing time! Very gutted to have missed out on the two items that had already gone! I can understand the organiser trying to raise as much as possible, but felt cheated at the same time! A bit wiser this time round, so I will hang on before trying to bid!
  7. Gutted to have missed Brian Blessed and Chris Rankin as could only attend Sunday this year. But more Merlin, Harry Potter or Star wars guests would be great!
  8. I think the 'red shirt' man upstairs holding the line before the talks on Sunday was Mike, it was his first Con he was telling us. He was very entertaining and also very lucky to get his laminate back from my youngest son who he put in charge for a bit as we were at the front of the Star Wars line. Hopefully he won't be like a Star Trek redshirt and will be back for the next episode! It is excellent staff like him, who make these events just as memorable as meeting the Guests themselves. Thanks again and please all stand up and take a bow!
  9. Just wanted to post a thanks you to all the Showmasters staff at the first Cardiff Con! You guys helped make our day and were so helpful and fun! I'd especially like to thank those organising the talks upstairs for fitting us into back of Merlin and making our wait for Star Wars entertaining! You guys rock! Also thanks to all the mods here for answering our newbie questions! See you all back here in March!
  10. Just got back home! All you Cosplayers were absolutely amazing and deserve far more recognition for the effort you guys put in! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as my three boys and myself did!
  11. Does anyone know if you can regain entry after leaving the venue? I will have my children with me and may need to take them out to be fed and watered etc
  12. So as a newbie to all this, and attending on Sunday with my boys who are keen to attend the Merlin talk at 12.10pm. Where do we go to get tickets? Is this a free talk or a paid talk? Are they issued at a specific time or just on the day? How many tickets will be available for the talk? Will I have to choose my favorite child in order to get in? And as bonus question! What time is it best to start queing outside the venue to get in? (I ordered tickets in advance but I could only spring for standard entry) All tips and comments gratefully received! Thanks
  13. Honestly, I wish I was brave enough to do it! You all have my complete admiration and I can't wait so see your amazing creations.
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