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  1. Darren (who sorted the DDP photo shoot at section C) was really nice and helpful with my friend and I. Crew like you make these events awesome! Get home to Manchester okay? Didn't die in a horrible flamey car wreck death?
  2. I was really impressed by this too!
  3. DDP. He went above and beyond to talk to everyone. He was awesome
  4. I loved it and really enjoyed my day. I also felt a teensy bit annoyed that Jason Momoa left his glasses and hat on but he was hungover from the night before so understandable really! I thought the crew did a great job but everyone is entitled to their opinion
  5. I think I'll be alone for a lot of the morning. My friends aren't as cool as us
  6. I wanted the early bird ticket. Will it be pretty busy from early on do you think? Thanks for your quick reply
  7. Hoping to come down on Sunday. What time should I arrive to get a ticket on the door?
  8. I'm still having issues with mine too. I ordered my tickets on the 14/06/2013 and it still says 'viewed' plus no money has been taken. Emailed and awaiting a response! I really really REALLY need to come to LFCC this year
  9. I actually let out a little gasp. Awesome, can't wait
  10. I can't wait for LFCC! It's been quite a few years since I've been. When do you think we'll find out who's giving talks (free and not free)? I know of a couple, like Dinklage. Will more info be posted here as the time goes on?
  11. That would be awesome. Didn't go last year, mega excited for this years :)
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