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  1. Thanks for a great weekend gents....great job....well done
  2. Yes my small ferengi do come at a cost! 3 bars of gold pressed latinum each! maybe next time I should get a stretcher to carry me so my feet don't get sore
  3. I think we should get rid of the forum as too many people want simply stir up trouble and ruin what WAS a great event. It insults people who bust their butts to pay for and plan for events such as this...when people who clearly don't know their ear from their elbow plan badly and try to blame everyone else....sometimes they want blame fans, crew, organisers and even the stars themselves!! I am all for balanced views, but to state "only people associated with SM seemed to have enjoyed it fully" when in fact the majority of people who have nothing to do with showmasters have stated on here that they enjoyed it - is just beyond me! as it stands 85% state they have enjoyed the event in the poll. I am one of those people, and to people like ANAM.....email the organisers and let them know your thoughts Have a great day everyone
  4. Look ANAM for the last time I am not affiliated with SHOWMASTERS....AND I HAD AN EPIC TIME Sorry you didn't but please post on another thread because you seem hell bent on dragging what I wanted to be a positive thread into the gutter!
  5. I hope that any concerns people have are read, considered and hopefully implimented if required.....and to be honest knowing showmasters I'm sure they will. I think this event should be held every two years in order to keep it special, but if it is every year then I will attend for £29 you got more to do than LFCC or EMS......but for £299 you got a whole lot more
  6. I am just sad the event is over! Roll on 2013 for Collectormania, EMS, LFCC and Autographica
  7. Forgot to say MUSEUM WAS GREAT TOO The one of a kind items that were in the museum are from private collections and were fantastic, BIg Big thank you to William, Martin and Jason for allowing these pieces of cinematic history to be on display.
  8. I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH SHOWMASTERS NOR AM I A RELATIVE OF ANY MEMBER OF ANY GROUP/ORGANISERS OR SPONSORS Don't expect to be told I am not a real fan...I have met every single STAR TREK main cast member from all 5 shows thank you very much! I am happy, because it was great, I'm sorry to anyone who did not have a good time but the good time was there to be had!! Sure you had to pay for it but thats just fine with me. WELL DONE
  9. I am a seasoned convention attendee, having attended over 100 events both signing events, fan conventions and combo-events such as DSTL. No one puts together events with as much going on and as many stars available for extended periods of time other than Showmasters. It was fantastic, everything was well spaced, crew were well informed and polite, the schedual allowed time to do most of what you would want to do (in my case 100%). My wife and I purchased Gold tickets as I believed they offered the best overall value and included the things we wanted to do. I had 52 autographs to obtain (which included 11 Captains autographs) I MANAGED TO OBTAIN ALL Over the weekend we attended: Opening Ceremony Shatner Talk Brooks Talk Stewart Talk Mulgrew Talk Bakula Talk Spiner Talk Dorn Talk Delancie Talk Stunt show Bridge Shoot We did everything we wanted to do, never in a rush, never flustered and always having fun. What we did was read the website and forum before we went and made sure we were at the venue 30 minutes before opening and that meant we could do everything we wanted. It was fantastic...everything was...a couple of things require improvement (minor), but Showmasters always learn 'and put right what once was wrong' THANK YOU to all involved, crew, staff, organisers etc GREAT JOB Live Long and Prosper and see you at DSTL 2014 (every two years would be perfect) p.s: too many fans are becoming rude and walking around with a huge sense of entitlement....get real and get over yourselves!
  10. Had so much fun, just can't wait till next year Thanks to all involved! Big thanks to Dave
  11. I was very lucky to be sat next to the Legend and Hero Buzz Aldrin....all night! Then he gave me his name card....great momento! This was a great convention, my first Autographica....but not my last LOVED IT
  12. Samantha Bond....great Lady Jesus! its Robert Powell I love her, she is so funny! Martin Landau...Oscar winner
  13. Buzz Aldrin Rob Springer, Dick Gordon, Charlie Duke, Ed Mitchell and Don Thomas Grand L. Bush The Fab..Fab..Fab and Beautiful Kristina Wayborn Space 1999...great to get so many of them together The always lovely Virginia Hey Bond and beyond....what a great selection of Bond-stars one these photos....from John Glen to Nadja Regin....EPIC
  14. Big thanks to the Dave and the organisers, mods, staff, crew and volunteers for putting on such a great line up! I have attended all but one LFCC, EMS and Collectormania going back to 2003 but this will be my first Autographica. For me the great mix of ASTRONAUTS and BONDSTARS is just EPIC Got the VIP Photo pass and I can not wait to be sat on my hero Buzz Aldrin's table for the dinner I am looking forward to it immensely what more can I say....THANKS
  15. At all other showmasters events it is hand stamps, but if you are gold or silver then you have your lanyard and pass to re-enter one of the helpfull mods will pick this up and answer in due course im sure have a great time
  16. Catherine Hicks would be great as a replacement, she is lovely and great with guests also Nick Tate one of my fav guest stars from DS9 or Barry Jenner - again good fan friendly guy or Ken Marshall - never met...does he do cons?? or William Sadler - excellent guest whoever you are working on i'm sure it will be good and I will be happy whoever it is....but if it off my list here i will be a very happy bunny indeed
  17. Can we all say a huge thank you to the moderators on here, they are dealing with a whole host of issues and I for one think they are doing a great job.... THANK YOU
  18. Maybe we should all remember that £299 for a GOLD ticket is fantastic value with or without the autographs my six are all great and even though I have them already I see it as another bonus chance to see them again and get our 16x12 event print signed by all of them. Lets stop this ...."I want this and he got that...and its not fair....coulda woulda shoulda" I stopped all that when I left primary school! Live long and prosper and can we please not ruin this event by being babies......you pays your money and takes your chance...thats the nature of the game boys and girls. Gene Roddenberry would be dissapointed in all this negative attitude! Hope you all have a great time at what will be the biggest official event EVERRRRRR!
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