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  1. i havent booked my ticket yet purely based on i'm waiting for a OUAT guest to be announce, but i remember the last ET i went to charlie and gil were announced on the day i think ao i totally understand guests can be announced last minute. but i do have a question... do we get refunds if the event does get cancelled?? i mean in the sense that we get our money back and not a voucher to use for another con? just because my mum is coming with me and she doesnt like any of the other cons?!!?
  2. same here. i want to book it all together so i know i'll be in the hilton when i get my tickets
  3. i've just been to a day con last weekend so i'm still saving for my tickets for this as i have to buy 2 (one being my mums birthday present) and i'm kind of holding out for a OUAT guest as well. i'd definately suggest watching grimm, like someone said it takes a couple of episodes to get into it but my mum and me love it now
  4. whatever con he was at i'd go without a shadow of a doubt. no matter the cost.
  5. yeah i agree nate is so lovely such a nice guy. ^^
  6. i loved this movie. super excited for the sequel
  7. quite a lot. the avengers was awesome, i loved that. i saw rock of ages the other day too that was good. i'm looking forward to snow white and the huntsman and abraham lincoln also i really want to see Ted.
  8. my plan is to buy them all to replace all my videos which are of no use to me anymore. but i've only got as far as buying beauty and the beast.
  9. ashersHay


    LOVE this show. i must have seen every episode at least 3 times if not a lot more. my favourite character is piper.
  10. i LOVE this show. a little obsessed with it maybe, and although ian has always been my favourite i am a little bit in love with steven , he's awesome. i'm still hoping for delena and klaroline
  11. E.L.James - 50 shades of grey & Nicholas Sparks - the lucky one yeah i know, reading two at the same time. not easy but ooh well
  12. erm i think (if i remember rightly) Claire Holt last sunday from the vampire diaries.
  13. i'd definately go to this. no questions asked i'd be booking a ticket they day they went on sale.
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