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  1. David - could you please clarify where I have erred in expressing my opinion in anything other than a succinct manner? There is too much sensitivity on display here regarding the cosplay event (which I tend to enjoy) - others have even shared my views.
  2. Ooooh - THAT's why it was deleted ... an over-reaction to some quite valid points from quite a few folk (not just little old me!) If you want to grow and broaden your horizons you do need to take on board differing views (both in life .. and in Cos-Play) Never mind - you keep it all hush-hush and censor all debate .. and everything will be fine and dandy
  3. Excellent - how about the 'You're Nicked!' 4th and final shot? Ah apologies - just caught that you've been generous in sharing 2 great Simm shots (heck - I've enjoyed them all) - certainly giving me ideas for future photo poses
  4. The Tyler brothers - I'm the one on the left Did you get your gauntlet in yours (t'would be grand to see!)?
  5. If showmasters haven't been given the details of the missing camera by the person who lost it - then alas they can't contact the OP to bring this to a swift end. More interestingly, if the camera was in Showmasters hands - instead of the OP - and no-one came forward to claim it - what would have happened to the camera then?! I say lay off the OP - who will either hear from Showmasters or not (I don't see why the OP would need to send it to Showmasters now).
  6. Hey, Lise - you compered very well (as in maintained interest!) - now how about getting someone technically savvy with a keyboard next time (re: the music mis-haps) - and who were the judges?! I found their runner up verdicts very poor in contrast to some spectacular costumes and performances that I saw .. were they watching the same show?!
  7. Hey - would you be able to take some snaps and upload your suite of John Simm shots, please? I was up soon after you and the poses looked great (especially the last one - ahem!)
  8. Indeed - this does seem to be particularly naive (especially from such a 'veteran') - this is my 2nd con and yet I already have it ingrained in me that it's a 1 signature per charge deal (some comic creators being the exception). Did your kids get to meet the star in question? I imagined they did and hope they were treated congenially by whichever star (I've read plenty of good stories on here).
  9. Yougottit - be chilled .. with occasional trips to the toilet to splash one's face with cold water.
  10. Fantastic weekend through and through .. both for me and my lady (t'was her first!) - so thank you Showmasters for putting on a great event! Friday nite's preview was a grind with loooong time consuming lines for photo tix (maintained by the crew in a jovial fashion) - but hey! - if you want to get what you want in life you have to be patient The Gillian Anderson photo-shoot appeared chaotic - one steward shouting to keep the crowd in line .. I asked him if I was due up - he checked my number and politely concurred .. TOP MAN! Brief interaction though it was, Gillian was very warm n friendly! My John Simm photo was turned around in an incredible approx 90 minutes - the lass behind the desk laying out the shots was doing so very carefully and with good humour - TOP GIRL! Heck - the lady who you pay at the autograph desk was also extremely polite. Oh - John himself was a top bloke - I'm hoping he enjoyed his surreal day and does another some day Jim Starlin (legendary comic artist) never made it Friday nite as intended .. 'maybe tomorrow?' I thought. Saturday morn was also looking gloomy - I disturbed a staffmember (as he was erecting signs in comic book alley) to ask what was going on - he didn't know. As the M4 was closed how could he? Yet Starlin finally arrived in the late AM .. and the guy was an absolute pleasure to talk to - signing multiple books & sketching for free - I also bagged an original inked drawing ... INCREDIBLE! Saturday's Cosplay Masquerade was late and a little disorganised - I still dug it though, as I loooooove Cosplayers - a high five to ALL of you guys n gals who make such events a veritable pleasure! Door guys and ticket gals were also fine - cloakroom too! Gripes I've seen remarked on the forum are just examples of typical British whinging - and include (a-hem!) Entry queues - whereas I understand there was an unfortunate bout of unruly anarchy on the Saturday - when the layout was sub-adequate (addressed for Sunday - albeit a quieter day) but if you're not there early - on what is obviously going to be a hectic kick-off to the event - you're going to exposed to such madness! Travel woes - sometimes it happens - deal with it! Unless your famous and employ an escort your travel may turn out to be a little stressful. Re-scheduled events - it's going to happen - deal with it! There were likely logistical reasons for this. Photo problems - the scale of such an endeavour was HUGE - it's unfortunate there are those who suffered .. no-one was targeted to have these mis-haps - work with it! I'm amazed that such an operation was as successful as it was. Paying for early entry and talks - if you don't like it then don't pay! I paid for early bird to beat the obvious rush that would ensue - and I chose not to pay for any talks. The quality of the food - I think we all know that food at such events is overpriced and barely acceptable .. but at least it's something to scoff! More chairs for a sit-down and rest - well, the balcony was huge and there's a floor! What's next - when seats were available (Saturday) would you be complaining about how there were metal? I don't work for Showmasters - if I did I'd have to PC-massage this mini-rant ... yet 'some' folk will always find something to complain about ... Me? I want in organised and had an absolute blast - looking forward to next year (and maybe other SM events too!)
  11. Ah yes - I did dig that your costume when I caught sight of you in the same Simm photo shoot queue .ae me (I'd say I was in Sam Tyler garb .. which is what I dress like most days!)
  12. Glorious sunshine! Best hurry up .. queues are huuuuuuge!
  13. Hey - Jim wasn't there tonite as planned .. I hope he hasn't cancelled?
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