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  1. Not a great Dr Who fan but could sit next to her all day, everytime I have seen her she is hilarious
  2. For what its worth I have no intention of keeping it and have not actually looked at the photos yet and have emailed Showmasters, the reason I did not hand it it was due to the fact in the past I have had things go missing that have been handed in (and both times I found out on a forum that they had been handed in) This would be the first place for me to look, in future I won't bother and will just leave anything I find for someone to keep And as a keen amatuer photographer I have enough camera's thanks.
  3. I found a camera, not wanting to leave it or hand it in (being a non trusting person) so I took it home....not too keep It was found against the wall of the halls on the outside of the building on the left hand side as you leave the entrance, I found it at about 4 0'Clock Happy to send it to the owner but being a non trusting person don't think I will send to the first person who says its theirs, tell me the make of the camera, the name on the case and details of the pics stored on it. Hope the owner sees this Also hope its ok if I keep bumping this topic
  4. I only went for a couple of signatures and the dealers, thought the dealers room was too cramped and when I got my ticket for Hannah S queue was told I would likely have to wait for 2.5 hours, walked around a bit then went back about 1.5 hours later to see if the time was still the same only to be told it would like be 2 more hours so I'm afraid I gave up. Venue would be fine if weather was ok but with the cold and rain it was not too pleasant in some places, plus too many bottle necks, why have the people in costumes etc all in one place causing a crush, I know many people would not like that. Compared to over events this was clearly my worst and would have to think twice about going again.
  5. My answers easy as I would not pay that much for any of them, I'd rather get 2 or 3 others that I want instead of just 1. And sorry but you would have to pay me to get JCVD's auto (not a fan)
  6. The guests there will of course be signing, or what do you expect them to do all day? Feed the birds? Signings were going to be a part of Memorabilia Expo, but not the main one like at LFACC or EMS. Tuppence a bag don't you know! Thanks have that song in my head now :)
  7. Wrong quote but hey ho - if you're old then some of us must be ancient! Think you still fall into the "cute/hot" category!! Although I'm not sure I can picture you now without the thought of Stuetta burning into my retinas!! Now that's definately a 13 pinter!!! I'm ancient :)
  8. What a sad, silly inaccurate article, poor researched written etc still I am one of the older attendees he is having a dig at (not a cosplayer though) don't waste your time getting upset he is not worth it and clearly has a blinkered outlook and hidden agenda!
  9. Personally I am not interested in model guests one bit (and not a fuddy duddy by far) just don't do anything for me at this sort of event but each to their own.
  10. How about for the next event people say what they may be wearing (costume, T Shirt etc) and they are more than happy to chat to people etc (not a dating agency way) just so people who are shy might have someone to chat to etc. Could also say age etc so people can feel easier with who it is (some might prefer their own age groups others might not mind) - I'm an old f*rt but happy to talk to anyone, any age etc but usually alone - dont worry not a predatory perv.............dirty old man yes but totally safe...lol Or some in a group might spot one of the posters who has described themselves and just go over and say hello. Could be an idea for the future?
  11. The only real complain I have (other than some overloud music) is..the next one is so far off :) And not enough pennies to get all I wanted :)
  12. I had a quick look and Etmuse is spot on, am far to old and not my cup of tea :)
  13. I wasn't casting anything, just not heard of them, probably because they are not my cup of tea, nothing else,
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