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  1. im sure youcan buy one in the destination :)
  2. Barclay of course. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0776239/?ref_=tt_cl_t9
  3. talks would be in english mate, that's for sure!
  4. It'll never work like that. Guests are signed up when possible and contracts organised etc. If they waited for 'all together' then you'd probably just get them all at the end, and no one would go.. David, Then, they can work on it the guest list starting a year ago, get the contracts organized, then get every guest ready to the announcement day which was yesterday. Then announce them all at once, so people will again have enough time to arrange their visit and also on the good side, they will know exactly who are coming to the event as star trek guests... so everyone can decide if the guests to our liking will be there or not :) I know it's not at your hand to do this but i hope you can relay my message to the event organizers for events next year or so. cheers.
  5. I see, lets wait for the 1st guest then, i can re-ask :) cheers
  6. People are talking about hotel prices and travel prices but it will all depend to the guest list if i will go or not, i mean in the one that took place in london, Data was not announced to the last minute, and i'm pretty sure most of us wanted to meet data and didn't go to the london one. when Data was announced, it was pretty late because the flight and the hotel prices were INSANE. Can't they bloody announced the guests all together, so we can know if we wanna go or not?
  7. Hello, I have not yet purchased any ticket so I can not see the photoshoot ticket prices. Someone who already purchased can tell me the price? Thank you very much.
  8. Very clear, thank you Sindel. I have a few more questions: Will we be able to buy the tickets of the following events or we need to get silver for these? Ticket to Opening Ceremony/Captain's Talk ^ Randomly Assigned Captains Talks Bridge Photo shoot Ticket to Stunt Show If we can buy these extra, when we will be able to see the prices? I know it says on the website when the event time gets close but from your experience when we should expect to see the prices on these? And, what is an Exclusive Silver Collectors Card? I also read that, we will be able to buy our seat in talks. When can we expect to see the prices on these again? thanks
  9. Hello admins and members. I have a few questions to clarify with the admins please. I'm not a native English speaker hence my questions :) What is an "in person autograph" means? Is this a photo of just the actor signed by him/her or a photo of him and me taken? In person sort of hints me and him in the same photo but I really am not sure, i checked the web for what an autograph is and it says a photo signed by the person? Anyone can clarify this for me please? I would really appriciate it. My guess, presigned autograph is the photo of the actor signed by him without meeting him (included in the standard tickets) and in person autograh means a photo of me with the actor? Also, about these in person autographs, i understand that the in person autographs that come with tickets do not include the caption in person photos? is there a type of ticket where i can also get in person photos with captains or i will need to buy additional tickets for the 2 captains that i want photos with? Another thing, again i understand that the in person photos will be decided by the organizer, is there any type of ticket where i can get to choose whom i will have photos with, excluding the captains? thank you very much in advance, i appriciate it.
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