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  1. So far I've only worked through my photos of Chuck: http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_chuck1.htm http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_chuck2.htm http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_chuck3.htm http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_chuck4.htm added 3/5/15: http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_connor1.htm http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_connor2.htm http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_connor3.htm http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron8p2_connor4.htm http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevr
  2. I have (at long last) finished putting my pages of photos from Chevron 8.1 together. http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron_8p1.htm Sandra
  3. I will eventually finishing working through all my photos from that weekend. I do have these of you: http://sazandra.tripod.com/photosc8p1/gameshow/P4060001ecr.jpg http://sazandra.tripod.com/photosc8p1/gameshow/P4060060r.jpg http://sazandra.tripod.com/photosc8p1/gameshow/P4060072r.jpg
  4. I have eventually finished working through my photos from Chevron 8.0 and they're now on my website: http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/chevron_8p0.htm
  5. I'm in the same position, and the funny thing is we were sat alongside each other not knowing the other was thinking exactly the same thing - you don't exactly ask those sat around you if anybody is interested in doing a joint bid. PS Your guess at the number of photos I'd take wasn't that far out when it came to the number I came home with of the convention itself (the file names go up to 1047 but I was deleting complete failures as I went along and I took 'a few' photos of the birds on the lake too).
  6. I'll be travelling up, by coach, on Friday afternoon. I have some colleagues who, when told where this con is, went 'oh that's easy to get to by train' (or car) completely not getting me and trains don't mix (thanks to travel sickness) and that I don't drive.
  7. 16 days to go. I can get a bit excited about it this week, while I'm on leave from work, but then I've got a guaranteed mad week and a bit back at work which will bring me down to earth before I'm on leave for the convention.
  8. After a bit of a delay (having spent several days - including last weekend - full of cold and with my sinuses playing merry hell) I've finished working through my photos from Chevron 7.9. http://sazandra.tripod.com/convpages/c7point9.htm PS despite saying I wasn't planning on going to 8.0 I bought a gold ticket
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