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  1. Thanks 1of2 Wish i could come all day but have to work in the morning.
  2. Hey guys I wont make it to newcastle until around 3pm on saterday and was hopeing i can stil get in at that time. Some show have a cut of point in selling entrance tickets so just wanted to check if i will be ok. Also will guest be atending all day? I only want to meet Paul McGann do you thik i will get chance if a was around for the rest of the day?
  3. i will be going solo. You will find me at the bar if anyone wants to meet up
  4. Would love another guest that isnt from Buffy. The guests are all good but they are all Buffy guests so far Joss has lots more shows to pick from
  5. Nice one showmaster. At last a show near me i will be looking into gold ticket soon
  6. Just booked my first Hallowhedon cant wait. I am glad it is staying as an all whedeon show and am looking forward to it. I am happy it is in Birmingham not evreything needs to be in London. Its easy to get to the airport for lots of food options if anyone is looking for something not at the hilton
  7. It think thats the face he dose in most photos if he isnt sure on the pose to do
  8. I thought all my photos turned out fine. The only one i dont like is with the hoff and kitt it could have been any car in that photo all you see is a few lights inside the car. It might have been set up in a bigger area so that it could show the full car
  9. I would expect it will be jason,joe and lena thats all that are down to be at the show today.
  10. Game of thrones talk is on the posters and they are selling tickets for it
  11. Thanks David i didnt think it would be a problem. Luck would have it one or the guest i wanted at this other event is a LFCC so will get her on sunday
  12. Hi guys do Showmaster have a rule on what photos you can get signed? Do they have to be official photos? I have had no problem in the past with geting my own photos signed but wanted to be sure. I only ask as i had some photos turned down at a non showmaster even because they arnt official
  13. Ive Just got back this afternoon from another convention. Got the washing to do but apart from that all the other stuf is staying in the bag ready to go on friday morning lol. LFCC is the best show of the year and i have so many i want to meet and loads of photo shoots
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