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  1. Arrrggghhh i have other things pencilled in here's hoping the dates really dont clash otherwise i will have to wait for another sherlock 'official' convention
  2. What is the price of ticket on the door for Saturday? may have to get someone to get me some autos at this rate possibly
  3. my first ever companion from Doctor Who :) Thank you for bringing her closer to home for me to get the opportunity to meet her
  4. FACE ... i had his how would you say action figure character when i was younger along with Murdock (my sister had Hannibal and BA) yeh i dont know any other females that kicked up a fuss in 80s wanting them for Christmas presents :)
  5. :dance: Thank you SM can't wait to meet her finally
  6. nice one; so we have a Wolf and now Volturi among us
  7. At least no one has said Rotherham's finest the Chuckle Brothers haha Barry and Paul to me to you! Local people like Sean Bean .. word has it he still owns the chippy he bought in an area of Sheffield, Brian Blessed (from Mexborough), Sir Patrick Stewart(might be from Huddersfield way originally but he's a Yorkshire man, so that counts as well as Prof. X) Sarah Michelle Geller Alison Hannigan Anthony Head - Gold Blend guy before he was Giles to me lolz (showing age) Simon Pegg Nick Frost Joseph Morgan Claire Holt Daniel Gilles Ian Somerholder (though that would be a miracle) thinking more Boone than Damon Candice Accola Kat Graham Matthew Fox Josh Holloway Dominic Monoghan Emilie de Ravin Matt Smith Karen Gillan Arthur Darvill Jenna Coleman Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley before being Rory's dad Brian) Julie Walters Evanna Lynch Matthew Lewis Tom Felton David Bradley Jim Parsons Mayim Bialik James McAvoy Jeffrey Pierce (from the series Charlie Jade which i wished had been picked up for the 2nd series) I could go on and on but those would be on my list of people would love to meet :)
  8. Some time in the last 4 months of 2014 is pretty likely, my friends and I suspect. Benedict is definitely doing Hamlet in the West End in the autumn. If he's asked, and confirms, SM/ME/Hartswood will have to work around that time. I would say that is a high probability but then the organisers have to take into consideration that many people budget for Christmas as well so they would need to price up tickets accordingly as even if interest. There is one determinate factor in an attendees behaviour to even go and that is the pricing and the latter part of the year is already having hotel bookings due to it being classed as the Christmas season and many 'Christmas' based functions and events occur and is those venues and hotels prime business for this time of the year, so the organisers do need to be on the ball with this and maybe start filtering out some information ... yes we are in the early days of March but it soon flies by.
  9. geographical speaking organisers of any event will choose a location that is easily accessible to all this means having a good transportation system in place ... airport, trains and travel by road ... so logistically it would not surprise me in the slightest if say London was top choice with Birmingham a close second.
  10. a 40 mins journey on a local stopping service or 20 minutes on straight through service to Sheffield calling a Meadowhall (hell) then a walk of 10 minutes .. sweet .. shall watch for announcement who will be attending etc etc now
  11. I went to ET8 then missed out of ET9 unfortunately so i am looking forward to ET10 its going to be a busy year for me this year with events attending
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