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  1. Hi! Me and my partner booked hotel and coach last minute last night, but havn't bought our tickets for the convention yet as worried the registration pack won't get here in time considering there's only a week left and its a bank holiday. Is there a way we can buy them now and pick it all up when we get there Saturday morning? Also we are leaving before the photos will be ready on Sunday, can we get them sent to our home address at all if we wanted to get some done? Thanks!
  2. There does need to be a balance, personally I love SG1 and would love lots of guests from the original =P This is because my first convention was Chevron 7.7 so obviously Im dying to meet the cast from that series - Atlantis is great too! I've never watched SGU but will take the time to watch. Im sure all are great, but I would love another SG1 name to pop up, big or small.
  3. The Urgo sounds awesome =D they all do actually! And does anyone know how to suggest the food thing to ME or Jason or Mark or whoever needs to know? Maybe we can see how many people would be willing to do it or something? Hopefully they will stumble across it
  4. Really weird suggestion, but maybe one year you could buy like a 'Food' ticket or something? Like each night at the parties it would be cool to have BBQ outside or a food set up inside (party food stuffs) , you buy a ticket and show it when you go up to table/BBQ place and then fill a plate and leave! haha just thought that might be a cool add on at some point
  5. Erm maybe something to do with Merlin? Might be hard to do but would be cool And something like System Lords? I'm all out of ideas
  6. yeah well by big I mean SG1 cast, like everyone! haha not just the main team, others as well such as when Teryl Rothery - altho shes a big name to me! . Just nice to see original stargate people - but like I said Im open to the new guys!
  7. I can understand what people mean . . . I mean Ive watched SG1 forever, some Atlantis and no SGU or Sanctuary, but my plan is to stock up on those episodes before I go! if I manage to go :/ Check them out a bit. Im a little biased in the sense that my first con was 7.7 so I would obv like to see some BIG SG1 names, so if a couple more could be thrown in, a few little roles and maybe another big one (michael or chris please!) then im cool with it! Would like a guest line up such as Amanda and Chris as big names, and as I said a few smaller ones thrown in. I have no idea who Robin is lol bu
  8. Love the photos! caught their expressions amazingly well, helps to relive all the moments, thanks for sharing!
  9. Want to add a HUGGGGEEEE thank you from me and my boyfriend! Was our first con, and was incredible! Crew were a great help, could tell we needed help and were very friendly! And so were all the guests! Was lovely meeting them first off, and going home with a ton of souvenirs. Thank you ME! Unfortunate that Chris and Ben pulled out, but these guests were AMAZING! So so friendly its unreal. Highlights of the weekend . . . Chico, 5 guest talk, all the signings, peters DJ session on sunday =P, the photos . . . all of it I guess! =) Hopefully will make it to the next one! And get to know
  10. It is very disappointing, I mean Chris judge is my fav actor and plays my fav character on the show, but In all fairness im very excited at seeing the new guests announced! It's only a pain as I can't afford any more conventions for quite a while where as I know most will be going to 7.8 and such do just missing out on a lot. If I had amanda tapping to look forward to would feel better about it all! Lol
  11. Greatttt, two big names cancelled excellent. I really only bought a ticket for Chris Judge, and yes I understand why people are saying 'thanks for replacements' and such but to be honest It's not really good enough, swapping big names for little ones. No main SG actor there?! Cost a lot too, feel more sorry for those who bought gold and are coming over from another country For mine and my boyfriends first convention, what a let down.
  12. Oh my! Trying not to get excited in case it falls through, but it would be amazing if he went! keeping my eyes peeled for more announcements!
  13. Ticket through! YAYS! just want to know the other guests now
  14. Im so gutted! This is my first convention was sooooo looking forward to it! Really hope they get a big guest star to replace him, otherwise will be disappointed =/
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