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  1. But the website's gone, so too Autographica!
  2. You'll be lucky. I have asked repeatedly for the relatively recent Sportsmania. I don't mind it taking time. What is really annoying is when they ignore genuine questions from genuine customers. How hard is it to press REPLY?
  3. Haha. "How long are they going to be available?" I'm still waiting for Sportsmania 2011 to go up! (See my other posts). I don't mind so much that they haven't been done yet, just that no-one will answer me on forum or email. :-(
  4. Mine: Sportsmania 23 June 2011, so only four years. Not so much concerned that the pics aren't up yet, just disgusted that these people are so rude to their paying customers that they WON'T reply to forum posts http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=69442&view=getlastpost or simple emails.
  5. Why is it so hard for them to reply to emails? Surely it would make them money! I should love to pay for my JPG. What's the problem?
  6. Surprise, surprise. No reply. Great customer services. Really makes me want to spend loads more money with Showmasters!
  7. Gave up hope! Thanks. Wonder if they'll reply. Asked today.
  8. When are these going to be uploaded to the "Photo Shoot Library", please?
  9. Yes, Pen, I would always prioiritse the website for information (although that is not often done and often conflicts with the forum) BUT the details in red were added AFTER I made my point on here on 6th. My point on 7th "after 9am" is still valid - they were not on the ball when the shop closed. Ticket prices should ALWAYS be on the website, not just a suggestion that you go to the shop to find out. It's yet another basic that comes naturally to an organised person.
  10. Thanks to you two. Shame the organisers aren't on the ball.
  11. So how much is on the door entry? Now that the shop is closed, there is no ticket pricing info on the website!
  12. I will try to find out. If this was a Saturday/Sunday swap that would be a definite yes, but as the Friday preview is differently priced I need to get details. You can use your Friday ticket to come on one of the other days. If crew at the entrance asks please let them know that this was authorized due to Summer's day change. As there were "rumours" Summer and Lena were never expected on Friday anyway and as there was very little chance of getting through the queues the other days, would Showmasters now allow me to get in for LFCCW with my unused (unusable) summer ticket, please?
  13. I spent ages wondering what a "First Time Return" was, whether it was of a Jedi Signer or anybody else! Do you mean First time "Return of the Jedi" signer?
  14. Wish I'd met him but, regarding the title of this thread - has anyone ever met Freddie Fox? Big competition for Milo.
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