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  1. Just brilliant, great horror guest another Jason to add to the collection
  2. Hello I am staying in the Holiday Inn Express in Wimbledon South and have an afternoon ticket as I can only get in to London by 12.00 or 12.30 what would be the best way to get to the Con from my hotel as I don't live in London and I am unfamiliar with the travel route to get to the con in the fastest time I will like to travel by underground tube, I know loads of people have traveled many time to this event and would have lots of experience with the stations and best route to take, so any help with this matter would be great many thanks.
  3. Thank you very much for your help Raylenth I will send my item in and get the two autographs on it and will make sure its well addressed.
  4. I am unfortunately not able to make it this year but would like to send an item in to be signed ie a book. I have a few questions as I have never did this before. 1. Is it safe to send items in as I have a fear they will get lost and I will never see my item again. 2. As im looking two autographs on the book will I have to pay for two postages on the same item as on the pre order page details mentions postage charges on autographs. 3. Would it be better to have the pre paid recorded delivery already enclosed for returning to me, or is that sorted by Showmasters. These might seem like sim
  5. Would Showmasters ever think of having a glorified horror event as I think it would be a massive success there would be a lot of great horror movies over the years that people would love to see guests from.
  6. Sorry I have seen in a post that these have started being shipped, note to self read all posts lol.
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