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  1. I have no idea how to add a photo but im Loony Tasha-Torchwood Weasley-Toates on fb or @LoonyMorgana on Twitter but ill have red hair not blonde :)
  2. it would be an awesome idea if the Hogwarts Express had classes!! Happy 1st April SM
  3. because im a History nerd, I think the Sat night party theme should be suggestive to the fact it would have been 100 years since the Titanic sank so a theme based around that/wwI/out of time would be good
  4. Matthew Gray Gruber I would buy all the photos if it was him lol (and if i had the money!)
  5. Tasha :) The now not so newbie conner i have a run of 5 cons in 5 months which my work arent so happy about but oh well :) Twitter is @LoonyMorgana Facebook is Loony Tasha-Torchwood Weasley-Smith :) feel free to add me and talk :)
  6. Id love to see Eve at a Hub because shes so lovely Burn and Naoko would be great too and Matt Rippy
  7. the out of time theme was a good suggestion Nikki, i liked that one and thw pj party and theres nothing wrong with going out at 1am for food in pjs. its been done before maybe have a "A day in the life of Torchwood" theme??? i know its abit of a lame suggestion but we could all dress up as if we were in the Torchwood team and how we would present ourselves maybe?? but id love to see the "Out of Time" theme this Hub :)
  8. Emma Watson Rupert Grint Phelps Twins Alex Kingston Arthur Darvill Simon Bird Blake Harrison Joe Thomas James Buckley Katie McGrath Angel Colby Colin Morgan Bradley James I f you get all those, I will buy photos/autos for each one
  9. for hub 7 i found someone to share with and she was amazing :) so i was wondering if anyone going wanted to roomshare? :) I cant guarentee ill remember to keep looking on here especially with uni starting again so tweet me @LoonyMorgana or facebook me at Loony Tasha-Torchwood Weasley-Smith....the name is so long to stay hidden from horrid people from my past and it works :)
  10. Well im planning on doing alot.... but the only one ive got sorted at the moment is Morgana Pendragon and i need to fiddle about with it abit. i will probably also do gwen in new world, utah river and possibly donna in the libuary. but i got a couple of others also. depends what i get sorted
  11. Matt Rippy, Tom Price deffo Rik Makarem maybe?
  12. Anywhere he can come get a pint, he will be there lol but you gotta love him!
  13. woooohooooo!!!!!! though i cant buy a ticket till Jan but still wooohoooo!!!!
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