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  1. Nieke

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Vikings guests pleeeease. Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Travis Fimmel... Or any of the other characters really!
  2. Nieke


    I was wondering if there was any more information about the cosplay opportunities at LFCC? (Competitions, masquarades etc.)
  3. I'M SO EXCITED! Amazing guest. :)
  4. Omg! I'm Dutch and so delighted she's coming. As a little girl I was in love with one of her first films (Minoes). Awesome announcement!
  5. Nieke

    Guest suggestions

    I would love to see some guests from Vikings. :) Katheryn Winnick would be fantastic!
  6. Nieke

    Guest suggestions

    Wrong topic, sorry, this post can be deleted.
  7. Nieke

    Latest guest announcement - CRAIG PARKER

    I absolutely love Craig! Can't wait.
  8. Nieke

    Latest Guest Announcement - SHANE RANGI

    I absolutely LOVE Shane! He is such an amazing guy. :)
  9. Nieke

    Who was that guy/girl thread (as always!)

    That was the Mord'Sith, and yes from Legend of the Seeker. I absolutely loved her outfit as well. Plus I was really excited to see someone in a Legend of the Seeker costume. She was amazing and really nice!
  10. Nieke

    Post-con bluesing

    I can't believe the weekend is already over. And I'm absolutely gutted that I can't go to LFCC because of graduating uni. (and yes, uni is not in the UK unfortunately)
  11. Nieke

    Attendee Twitter Accounts

  12. Nieke

    Who was that guy/girl thread (as always!)

    I was only there on Sunday so that might've been it. But thanks a lot! :)
  13. Nieke

    Who was that guy/girl thread (as always!)

    Hey Nieke, only got a few quick looks but you were brilliant =) Thank you so much. :) I had such amazing reactions to my costume, really appreciate all of them.