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  1. LindseyBFMVfan


    I LOVE Haven!! Season 2 is over now and the finale was excellent!! can't wait for Season 3 :)
  2. LindseyBFMVfan

    Bitten 2 and Roadhouse 2

    Mayby they could do a the vampire diaries,the secret circle,supernatural,being human,teen wolf convention That would be AWESOME!!!!! I would DEFINITELY go to that!! Haha!!
  3. LindseyBFMVfan

    Vampire Diares

    I would love ME to do a Vampire Diaries Con!!!!! It's such a brilliant show!!
  4. LindseyBFMVfan

    What new cons do you want to attend 2012 selection "A"

    I voted for The Secret Circle and Supernatural. But I REALLY want THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!!! I know that ME would do it really well!!!! It would be affordable and fun! And I would definitely go!!!
  5. LindseyBFMVfan

    Bitten 3

    Bring on Kiki's pay day at the end of September!!!! hahaha
  6. LindseyBFMVfan

    Count down to Bitten 3 (2012)

    Finally created an account :) I'm such a n000000000b!! Anyway.... BITTEN 3 YA!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!