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  1. shadowfaxlady

    First Guest Announcement - David Giuntoli

    I only started watching it last week because it was on channel 5* on repeat, saw the last 3 episodes lol. Over the last 2 dayz I have watched the first 10 episodes of the first series, watching them side by side I am totally hooked. It is an amazing creative programme and full of excitement of what the characters will do next. Depending on money and if the guests grow I will probably think about coming to this event, especially now Middle Earth has been cancelled
  2. shadowfaxlady


    gutted but really not surprised. With only 1 hobbit and 2 people that nobody really knows (possibly not have interest in) I kinda was awaiting the cancellation of it which is why I didn't buy a ticket.
  3. shadowfaxlady

    How well is this event selling?

    Hi. I was just wondering how well this event is selling because if it's not doing too well will that mean it is likely to be cancelled again
  4. shadowfaxlady

    Decision Time Soon

    ah, ok cheers. Im hoping the same Gaffer, need to work out finances etc
  5. shadowfaxlady

    Decision Time Soon

    where did you find this out?
  6. shadowfaxlady

    Welcome to Middle Earth!

    WETA are a really nice bunch of people, I met a team of 4 in America and they gave away loads of things I think through them I gained Eowyns and Aragorns helmets in mini size on stands. They gave some really interesting talks and had loads to tell and brought with them some items from on the set
  7. shadowfaxlady

    Decision Time Soon

    March is not far away and I really want to come and so does my mate but for just 3 guests, non who really excite me I really can't see myself coming especially with the cost of getting there and the hotel. Hopefully now being in the new year more guests can be announced but it's a wait and for us at the moment
  8. shadowfaxlady

    Welcome to Middle Earth!

    Billy, David and Andy are all a huge laugh. I have met them and each time they had me laughing from start to finish, well worth meeting them x
  9. shadowfaxlady

    Welcome to Middle Earth!

    have to take into account also that the convention has only been announced a week so people have probably not heard about it much yet. I would love to meet anybody, both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Like what has been said already, the more tickets sold the more guests invited etc also it is Christmas so people ain't got the money at the moment......watch this space
  10. shadowfaxlady

    Welcome to Middle Earth!

    Wow finally a convention not in America haha. Really hoping for some more guests especially Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage. I am so excited and can't wait for more guest announcements. If anybody wants to add me on Facebook you are more than welcome too
  11. shadowfaxlady

    "ET6 Dream Guest Lists" :)

    i would love to meet Peter and Jackson, Billy Burke would be a good laugh aswell
  12. shadowfaxlady

    And the Worst Supporting Actor award goes to...

    i agree with daniel, Twilight thankfully did not get any awards, the only reason why i would watch The Last Airbender is because Jackson is in it
  13. shadowfaxlady

    Group Pictures

    Thank you thats a great help, i appreciate the answer :-)
  14. shadowfaxlady

    Group Pictures

    i was just wondering, if my boyfriend and i both got 2 standard tickets would we be both able to be in one picture together with the stars and not have to pay to seperate tickets?
  15. shadowfaxlady

    Twilight 6

    Hello, i was just wondering if you had any idea who you are hoping to advite to this event, obviously some have been announced but i was just curious if you had any in mind to also invite.