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  1. I think I am in the same boat so will ask the sales table - if they can change it great - if not will make alternative arrangements as no way am I missing having my photo taken with Chris 'Indeed' Judge!
  2. I totally agree. I was lucky enough to be near enough next to him and his wife outside in the queue and was really impressed with him and enjoyed the chat we had. He gave a lovely charity pin for the donation given which I wear with pride.
  3. Hi just wondered when the schedules will be up for the con? Thanks, Ang
  4. It's great to hear new fellow fans are coming each year! Just shows how good the shows are that so many people love them!
  5. Today is D-day! Wonderful and looking forward to a great Chevron Convention!
  6. I'm so grateful Chevron 8.2 is still going ahead - still looking forward to it - even though disappointed can't attend Sherlocked this time around - ah well - will cross fingers for next time!
  7. Hi, Missed adding this 2 days ago when it would have been 100 days to Chevron 8.2 starting Friday 24th April! Ah well.........as from today.....98 days to my favourite con!
  8. I booked over the phone and it cost me £70 per night and the email conformation i got said £70 per night. Is that for a single room though? As I will be booking a twin. I wsnt to use the website as I work all day and can't be messing about making calls but if they're going to charge more on the site, then I'll have no choice I guess. Hi, As per main website http://massiveevents.co.uk/chevron82/venue.html#.VLjmlWZFBWs £70 single room £88 twin and double roomAll rooms include bed and breakfast for the occupants. Room rate applies to all nights Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will need t
  9. Chris Judge Claudia Black Colin Cunningham Robert Picardo Jason Momoa Christopher Heyerdahl Mike Dupod Most of the main and recurring cast from Universe... Any system lord we've not had as a guest yet...
  10. Third time lucky....looking forward to hearing his talks!
  11. Yay! Another guest really want to see. One of my favourites in Stargate Universe. Crossing my fingers all goes well and doesn't have to pull out closer to the time!
  12. Top of my list too. Absolutely love him in Star Trek Enterprise so was chuffed he was in Stargate Atlantis too! Hope he doesn't have to pull out closer to the time (going to cross my fingers) as really want to hear his talks and meet him!
  13. ang.chong


    That's standard for hotels I'm afraid......
  14. Yes! 1 day only...... I think I'd better start thinking what to pack!
  15. 2 days only left to go! Wow time is flying!
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