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  1. I have just gone through the guest days and can only find 6 guests attending on Friday. Is that right?
  2. The Hyperspace one (the full one) is actualy 1min 47secs. The first 13 seconds are the front credits and the last 7 seconds are the final credits. Thats a total of 20 seconds. So the GMTV one should only be about 1min 27 secs.
  3. not if you have hyperspace Not that I am particularly bothered about credits You didnt even need Hypersapce to see it. There were a multitude of websites that had it minutes after it was releasd!
  4. GMTV did show the full version minus all credits, so they basically showed a about 1min 27secs
  5. By the way, if you knock of all the credits (front and back) the trailer is less than a minute 30 seconds
  6. Ive been told it was the full trailer minus the credits
  7. Im so glad that I have met him twice before...and for free as well!!!
  8. I have it for the Xbox at the moment. Its a pretty cool game. Been having loads of fun with it killing Gunguns and Ewoks!
  9. I dont know if this is going to help or not, but for the ultimate Star Trek wedding you need to go to Las Vegas and visit the Star Trek Experience. They offer a complete wedding service on the bridge of the Enterprise.
  10. Im surprised none of you noticed Luke with a green lightsabre in ANH
  11. Im sure there are others out there who have websites that mention other events. Anyway, I keep by the rules on here and do not advertise any other shows....Unlike some people!
  12. Subservienchickent is cool. Just love making him do head stands and falling over! Heres mine >>>>>CLICK ME<<<<<
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