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  1. this is the best guest annaouncement for a long long time, one of the funniest charcters from the funniest animated show ever
  2. haha, looks like its me and you Nicky,another great guest, i can't say im a huge fan of texas chainsawbut appreciate what an important guest he is for the horror genre
  3. with you on this nicky,missedat another event recently so this is a great opportunity to meet a real star
  4. dufresne any chance you could send me a link to the other place, dont know the best way so Steviefull@yahoo.co.uk would be best bet
  5. i havent read the rest of the thread so this may of been repeated, but i will not be paying this and in turn will not be getting elijahs auto either, we are basically paying £40.00 for what we usually pay £20.00, sure the picture is 'professional' but £20.00??????? I was looking forward to meeting Elijah but unfortunately this will not be the case. I only hope this fails as i can see it being introduced for all guests and that would be a shame and price most people out of the market.
  6. gotta be honest iof im gonna have to pay for a photo on top of my autograph then i will not be getting an autograph full stop, as the photo is part of the experience in my opinion
  7. He was cool, i walked up to the table he eyeballed me shouted STAND UP STRAIGHT, FEET AT 45 DEGREES, YOU ARE THE POOREST EXCUSE FOR A PIMPLE ON A GOOD MARINES ASS IVE EVER SEEN, i took it as a compliment. LEGEND
  8. might seeya tomorrow then. If my car gets repaired, arghhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. Brent Spiner Sayeed from Lost a mid sized potter guest Billy Boyd are my predictions
  10. what day you there big fella? Havent posted on here for ages
  11. Surely we will have a cancellation on the day, i know for sure Tudyk is there, any name boards not up that should be?
  12. Goodgood all we need is patrick stewart and michael dorn and we will have the set
  13. Very nice bloke from what i remember last time
  14. A good guest if a third time appearer, but good enough for the new event
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