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  1. new guest announcement this time a script editor/writer in the form of Andrew Cartmel, who was the script editor for the entirety of Sylvester McCoy's Era on the show, he also wrote a number of audios "Winter for the Adept" from the main range, along with three stories from the Lost Stories Range "Crime of the Century", "Animal" and "Earth Aid", so those are available for choice, along with every DVD from McCoys era or even the Blu ray Boxsets of Season 24 and 26, he's attending every day and if i remember as he hasn't a listed price he's £10.
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  2. Latest Guest Announcement - Ernie Hudson Appearing: Friday. Saturday & Sunday Autograph Price: £35 Photo Shoot Price: £35 Costume Photo Shoot: £45 Talk: £10 (Sunday Only) Diamond Pass - Fri/Sat: £105 Sun: £115 1 x Autograph 1 x Standard Photo Shoot 1 x Gift 1 x Talk (Sunday Only) Buy Tickets Ghostbusters 2020 - Dr. Winston Zeddmore Ghostbusters - Winston Zeddemore Ghostbusters II - Winston Zeddemore Miss Congeniality - Harry McDonald Oz - Warden Leo Glynn Desperate Housewives - Detective Ridley https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001368
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