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  1. Guest Suggestions

    From Wrestling Id love to meet, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Ted Dibiase, Jake the Snake and Roadwarrior Animal. Anybody from shows I enjoy would be incredible, anyone from Defenders, Prison Break, Supernatural, Buffy/Angel,Agents of Shield or Game of Thrones.
  2. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Nice one that you received it!! I'm still waiting on any of my 13 orders shame really as I'm going away Friday, but suppose hopefully I should have something to come back to. Hats off to Jason though if he has to do it all himself.
  3. Guest cancellation - Charlotte Hope

    Yeah Charlotte addressed this on her twitter, it's a shame but it can happen. Hopefully will get to meet her down the line.I appreciate any guests circumstances can change in an instant just like any of us. How was the convention Chris??? I had my first one ever at Sheffield and loved every second of it.
  4. Guest cancellation - Charlotte Hope

    Truly gutted I'd pre ordered her autograph
  5. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    Aye me too and I had 13 orders so thought I'd of had one at least by now, oh well back to the 'being patient game'. Good things come to those who wait
  6. Showmasters appreciation thread

    Hey all, I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for the terrific work you guys/gals do in giving us fans fantastic guests last week I got to meet some amazing people and for all the hard work you all put in be it Jason at Pre Orders/ David on Twitter/ Mods and Admin and all the many staff just want to show some appreciation for your efforts and I hope the people of Glasgow enjoy what looks a terrific event this weekend.
  7. Cheers thank you to you both!!
  8. Hi, quick and no doubt daft question so i apologise in advance I shouldn't have any problems with my photo shoots on Saturday should I?? I am batch 1 for Tatanka,Mark Rolston,Jeanette Goldstein and Collette hiller??
  9. Aye well oddly enough I thought that whilst opening it up, it was a case of it shouldn't be them by a long shot, but I'm hoping it's them scenario lol plus we wasn't expecting any packages at all lol. I get married in a month so a welcome arrival beforehand. Cheers Raylenth
  10. Hi thank you wjbleming grateful for the info, can't wait really hope I can get everybody I'm after on the day would make it amazing!! I had a funny thing earlier we was sat watching GoT's and postman banged at door when I saw package thought it was my pre-ordered autographs from last week's London convention opened it up proper excited and nope.....back watching game of thrones now lol
  11. Hi good afternoon, my first con a week today so couple of questions are all guests on vq for autographs?? Or will a list come up beforehand of who will be? And finally im in batch 1 for photos in 4 different guests what's my options around this pending schedule if clashes emerge??
  12. Guest Suggestions

    Would love to see another wwe legend like Ted dibiase, honky Tonk man, hacksaw Jim duggan, ddp or jake the snake. If love to see more guests from rogue one or marvel tv/cinema