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  1. Yeaaah i'm so excited
  2. Yeaah and now still have to book my hotel and plane tickets
  3. I've just bought my platinum package, so excited
  4. Wow platinum seems really expensive
  5. I'm going to buy a ticket soon
  6. I still hope that they will announce more people
  7. I've met him this weekend on London Film and Comic Con
  8. I know right because i've been to Londom Film and Comic Con this weekend so i get to get pounds for that ofcourse and for other stuff
  9. But first i have to get a bit more money
  10. Benedict and Martin ofcourse Rupert Graves Mark Gatiss Andrew Scott Amanda Abbington Lara Pulver
  11. That sounds so good i think that i will go then too i really hope that Benedict is attending too
  12. Heey, Yeah i know that's true i've been to events on my own but not in another country yet
  13. I want to go but i don't know if any of my friends want to go with me
  14. I got to meet Mads Mikkelsen and Benedict Cumberbatch on saturday, they were so nice both
  15. Mads Mikkelsen - diamond pass Benedict Cumberbatch : photo op Not that long of a list but that's okay, i'm happy with these two