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  1. Pre order website

    I'm afraid thats how it goes... SM add £5 on each Pre Order, Check them all out, then if you want it Dedicated its another £5 and don't forget to add your Postage on that too... Not a Cheap Hobby is it. Hope that helps.
  2. 2018 Anniversaries

    Space 1999 is over 42 years old.. so lets have lots of guests please...
  3. Guest Suggestions

    Yeah, Britney Spears please... she has been in a few movies... Oops I did it again..
  4. Guest suggestions.

    As the Title says... Guest Suggestions.... 'Make it so....'
  5. Guest Suggestions

    How about Bruce Spence, starred in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith and Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior....
  6. Jane Busby

    All, Jane Busby has been added to the Pre Order Shop. £25 each, there is a Limited supply... I've ordered mine.. Get yours before SM sell out. For Regular updates follow Imperial Signings on Facebook which SM Run..
  7. Login Issues

    Young Lady, you should know better than to be looking and paying at some of those sites... Just Inbox me and I'll tell ya which sites are free
  8. Who would you rather spend an afternoon at the park with?

    I would love to spend my time with this beautiful Lady.... Ahhhh Its love.
  9. New Conventions ???

    If SM is looking for another Venue, then I would be happy to hold the Event at my house if that helps... I hope all the guests drink tea...
  10. Post your photos

    Well, I guess I should start the ball rolling.... Post Your Pics Adele Lynch from Doctor Who.
  11. Post Con Blues

    Yeah, Leaving three days before the event, slogging it through the Desert for two days was hard work... then doing the same on the way home carrying all my goodies was even harder.. I'm not as young as I use to be...
  12. Post your photos

    More Cosplay... Great costumes.
  13. Post your photos

    Dr Who Talk with Debbie Chazen and Adele Lynch
  14. Post your photos

    Matt Zimmerbman Talk
  15. Post your photos

    Matthew Dale Starred in Rogue one A Star Wars Story.
  16. Post your photos

    Andy Da La Tour starred in Rogue one A Star Wars Story
  17. Post your photos

    Jamie Delf, A Royal Guard in Rogue One A Star Wars Story.
  18. Post your photos

    Don Shanks starred in Halloween 5
  19. Post your photos

    Cosplay great costumes..
  20. A Fantastic Saturday

    Well, what a great Little show, I got there around 1130ish.. Only because seeing the Sand of the Beaches freaked me out.. Remind me of home so had to go and have a play. As Always SM always put on a good show even with so little guests, But every guest I met was amazing and very talkative. I managed a couple of talks something I never seem to do and they were really Great. Matt Zimmerman was a Legend doing the talk of thunderbirds on his own. I hope Shane is feeling better today. It was really busy inside and still good to see so many people in costume. The Stalls were great and I treated myself to a couple of those Iron Cast Models.. I shall upload a few photos soon..
  21. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Carry on.. Follow that Camel
  22. Schedule Announced! Latest Update 23-08-17

    On Sunday you have Joseph Long with Tickets on Sale but he has not been Announced? Also any Chance of a Saturday Photo shoot with Martin Gordon.. Theres plenty of space to fit him in pleaseeeee
  23. Latest Guest Announcement - MARTIN GORDON

    A Really Nice Guy SM, How about a Photo shoot too please..
  24. What guests do you want to see next year?

    My Start off list.... Eddie Redmayne (Popular choice) Samantha Eggar Diego Luna Felicity Jones David Soul (Been waiting ages to meet this guy) Gal Gadot Daniel Mays Sofia Boutella (Star Trek and my Dream girl) Sigh Paul Bettany Elisabeth Sue (very Popular choice, needs to happen) Tom Holland (Spiderman) Zoe Saldana (Star Trek and Guardians of the Galaxy) Kevin Bacon Melody Anderson Geoffrey Rush Erin Gray (Buck Rogers waiting a long time to meet these Idols) Gil Gerrard (Buck Rogers as above) Please Please Please...
  25. Three Words

    Barber shop and...