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Latest Comic Guest Announcement: Stephen Baskerville

Attending: Saturday & Sunday

Artist: Transformers; Aces Weekly

UNDOUBTEDLY best-known for his inking of numerous Transformers stories for Marvel on both sides of the Atlantic, Stephen Baskerville has worked on many other titles since he made his comics debut in 1978.

It was, however, eight years after writing and drawing a story in issue #5 of the semi-underground Graphixus that his next credit – in Marvel UK’s Spider-Man and Zoids#4. From then on he began to work regularly for Marvel’s British-based offshoot, his name appearing in such titles as Thundercats and The Sleeze Brothers as well asTransformers.

His first US work appeared in 1989’s G.I. Joe European Missions #10 with Web of Spider-Man, Felicia Hardy the Black Cat, Spider-Man: The Arachnis Project andSpider-Man 2099 among the titles that followed.

As well as working on various Marvel-related promotional comics, he also contributed to The Night Man, Mantra, All-New Exiles and other such titles in Malibu’s Ultraverse line. Primarily known for his inking he has pencilled the occasional story throughout his career, which he brought full circle in 2011 by writing and drawing a contribution to issue #7 of Titan’s CLiNT anthology.

Baskerville has drastically reduced his comics output since the turn of the century though he followed some contributions to 2000 AD with a 2012 return to Hasbro’s Robots in Disguise, reuniting with Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman for IDW’sTransformers: Regeneration One. After his involvement on the last 20 issues of that title he inked The Transformers: Drift – Empire of Stone, an IDW 2014 four-parter.

He is a regular contributor to Aces Weekly (the online comic spearheaded by David Lloyd).


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