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Latest Guest Announcement: Colin Hunt

Attending: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Autograph Price: $35

Photo Shoot Price: $20

This will be Colin's FIRST US show

*ESB - Snowtrooper walking behind Darth Vader
*ROTJ - Prune Face, 1 of the 3 sat in the briefing room

              Endor Rebel in the bunker scene (INSIDE)

              Stormtrooper next to Barrie Holland (again in the bunker)

              Mon Cal (ewok celebration scene)

              Rancor Guard - Giran - puts his arm around Paul Brooke

              Gam Guard - the gam guard thet Luke forces to the wall on entry to jabbas palace.
*Superman IV - Sergeant Yor
*Indiana Jones & Last Crusade - German officer



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