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latest guest announcement - LES CONRAD

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latest guest announcement Les Conrad

Attending: Saturday only

Autograph: £10





Stormtrooper in ANH, ESB & ROTJ

Hoth Rebel in ESB

Gammorean Guard in ROTJ

Ian McDirmid Stand-in ROTJ

Blakes 7 (TV series) in Gold as Space Princess Guard/Passenger (uncredited)

Doctor Who (TV series)

The Twin Dilemma: Part 1 - Mestor's Guard (uncredited) 1984

Genesis of the Daleks: Part 6 - Thal Survivor (uncredited) 1975

The War Games: Episode 7 - Alien Guard (uncredited) 1969

The War Games: Episode Four - 1862 Union Soldier (uncredited) 1969

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I NEED Les on a shot or two, was wondering if I'd ever see him again. Thank you!

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