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Guest Suggestions

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richard roundtree (george of the jungle)

levar burton (star trek, roots)

ian & michael mcshane

sarah natochenny (pokemon)

toby froud (labyrinth)

ben turner (casualty, doctor who)

tim bentinck (fantastic beasts, dr who)

bern collaco (star wars, girl with the dragon tattoo, fantastic beasts)

ric reid (reign, psi factor, goosebumps)

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Ian McDiarmid= Palpatine
Michael Culver =captain needer
Julian Glover = general veers
Ken Colley = admiral piett
Milton Johns =Capt. Bewil 
Quentin Pierre =red royal guard
Guy Henry = moff tarkin
Ben Mendelsohn =Director Krennic
George Roubicek =commander Praji
Richard Cunningham=General Ramda

Anthony Skordi=Admiral Garrick Versio

T.J. Ramini=Del Meeko


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