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Outside London comic marts


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Are Showmaster ever planning on doing ones? or just stick to outside London being events while comic marts for london only? We do have global with the £2 entry fee but sometimes there is nothing to buy - dealer stocking about 40 copies of the same comics & no Transformers (but I did pick up some Transformers stuff at the Birmingham one last weekend which was only £1 to get - but doors open 12 & the dealers are packing up at 1350 when I don't get there until 1400) Sheffield & Leeds are cramped & mainly just only a few different issues. We have started getting local events with dealers like ones at Cleethorpes which are good. I'm planning on checking out the London comic mart this month - so any dealers bring along about 5 copies of those each issues of Transformers comics. It'll only take up half a box but you'll make money from them rather than leave them all the time sat in a warehouse.

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