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Wow, Day 3. Felt like Day 1 and 2 together.. Will try to keep this constructive.


Arrived early and found we were now been queued inside the old Hanger.. ok but once it was time to enter the Event, it didn't really matter what time you had arrived, people just past you. My advice is next time don't have massive opening. The fences can be snaked around so that you are in a Queue.. like they do at theme Parks.. Really don't know why this can't be done? :no:


Photo shoots, Again two guests cancelled. A few changes to the Schedule, But still had a few clashes.

It was good to see that Luke (I think that was his name) was back on photo shoot A and doing a good job minus his voice.. Well done mate.


The Guy on Photo shoot D was rude and came across as I don't care attitude. Remember as attendees we are stressed out trying to get to the photo shoots that are listed, it's hot and we need your help, If we didn't need your help we wouldn't bother you... At one point I had clashes showed him, He shrugged his shoulders and just said, "which one do you want to do" Meaning I have to miss one..


On one of the photo shoots the wrong guest was brought down and I spoke to the crew member (Blue shirt) and told him wrong guest, He said, No it's not. I had my photo done, the Photographer noticed me looking puzzled and asked if I was ok. I told her Wrong guest. She enquired and it was the wrong guest... While this had to be sorted it again pushed me for time.


One Guest was very late, which resulted me losing another photo shoot.


I spoke to the sales Red Shirt, I think she remembered me from yesterday or something must of been said at the SM Team meeting, I explained what happened and asked for my £2.50 to be Refunded too. She did this without any problem.. But did ask if I did any other Photo shoots Today.. Yes a Total of 22 for today.


Please SM, next year keep all the photo shoots near each other....


Overall another Stressful day, I'm glad it's over and the Guests were great to meet :smile:

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