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Any chance of a convention for the Divergent franchise?

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Divergent (in case you don't know) was firstly a book franchise (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant and most recently Four which is the three books in the eyes of the other main character) by Veronica Roth and it is now being produced into movies, Divergent is out, as well as Insurgent recently and Allegiant Part 1 just started filming not that long ago.


Any chance of a Divergent convention? Could have V Roth there, signing copies, Q&A, talking about stuff about the book and movie. Could also get the actors, Theo James is British, Shai and Ansel are big with TFIOS. It would honestly be a massie event and would attract everyone towards it considering it's a popular franchise and nobody has had a convention of it yet


Please do this guys, you'll be missing a big opportunity if you don't ^_^

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