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True Detective

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Man, is this a dark show!
I watched it when it was on the first time across the 8 week period and it was fantastic, i thought.


Not youre average buddy cop guff, far from it, with Harrellson and McConaghey perfect together as the weary family man and spaced out Loon respectively, investigating ritualistic murders in the deep south.


Thought it was brilliant, everything looked dirty and outdated, the dual-timeline narrative was excellent and the battle in the finale was sooo well played out, it had me on the edge of my seat.


Season Two apparently will have nothing to do with 1 (a la American Horror Story) so to be honest, i cant imagine anything being better than this first season.


Im in the middle of watching the re-runs (mid-August) on Sky just now and i thought it was worth posting about, cos im enjoying it even more the second time around.

If you havent seen it, please remedy that...its well worth it.

Just dont expect to get any sleep once you have though :eek: - it is deeply disturbing in places, which just makes McConaghey's performance even more stand out cos he gets the whole tortured soul thing just so right...


Best thing on tv in the last 3 years, hands down. :coolthumb:

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That's great that we're getting a second season, although it's a pity it'll be on a different topic. My only gripe about the first season was that there was no real conclusion. You know there were powerful people involved, but it never really reveals who.


Regardless, I think in terms of acting it was the best bit of TV ever made. The acting was just fantastic. The casting team couldn't have done a better job. Just spot on. Personally I think Breaking Bad is better in terms of story telling.

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