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Guest Days & Prices CFCC

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Guest Name:Attending:Autograph Price:Photoshoot Price:


Alfie AllenSaturday£20£20

Amrtia AchariaSaturday£10£10

April PerkinsSaturday£10£20 - Joint with Glynn Jones

Bonnie LangfordSunday£10£10

Catrin StewartSunday£10£10

Craig CharlesSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Ellie KendrickSaturday£15£15

Finn JonesSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Gareth David-LloydSaturday£15£15

Gerald HomeSunday£10

Glynn JonesSaturday£10£20 - Joint with April Perkins

Harry MellingSunday£10£10

Jeremy BullochSaturday & Sunday£15£15

John LeveneSaturday & Sunday£10£10

Kate DickieSunday£15£15

Louise JamesonSaturday£10£10

Marolyn TurkSaturday£10

Noel ClarkeSaturday£20£20

Richard FranklinSunday£15£15

Richard HopeSunday£10£10

Shirley HendersonSaturday£15£15

SoCal ValSaturday & Sunday£15£15

Stephanie LeonidasSaturday£15£15

Steve LynskeySaturday & Sunday£10£10 in Referee's out fit with TNA Belt

Sylvester McCoySaturday & Sunday£15£15 or £25 with Tardis

Vass AndersonSaturday£10

William RussellSunday£15£15


Comic Guest Name:Attending:

Anais ChareyreSaturday & Sunday

Ben DicksonSaturday

Ben OliverSaturday & Sunday

David LloydSaturday & Sunday

David RoachSaturday & Sunday

Dylan TeagueSaturday & Sunday

Gavin MitchellSaturday & Sunday

Huw-JSaturday & Sunday

Lee TownsendSaturday & Sunday

Mike CollinsSaturday & Sunday

Owen WattsSunday

Simon BisleySaturday & Sunday

Simon WilliamsSaturday & Sunday

Will SimpsonSaturday & Sunday

Yishan LiSaturday & Sunday[/table]



Carice Van Houten

Jason Momoa

David Hart Smith Jr

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When will the photo shoot schedule be available?


I will be travelling from Oxford on both days and need to plan when to leave to be in Cardiff on time.


I am interested in all of the Doctor Who guests and Gareth David-Lloyd from Torchwood.


Also will be possible to have a joint photo with Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford? And a joint photo with John Levene and Richard Franklin?


Thank you.

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Schedules are normally posted in the week leading up to an event. Sometimes a bit earlier.



If duo/group shoots are possible then they will be added as and when.

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Further to my post on 30th September is there any possibility of dual photo shoots with the Doctor Who cast?


You'll find out when the schedule is announced. Double shoots are often added late and are only sold at the shows.

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