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Latest Comic Guest Announcement - Andy Lanning

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Andy Lanning


Writer: The Thanos Imperative, The Hypernaturals, Heroes for Hire/Villains for Hire, Nova, Legion of Super-Heroes, Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero

Artist: Fairest, Aquaman


Andy Lanning is a British comic book writer and inker, known for his work for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and for his collaboration with Dan Abnett.

Lanning works primarily at Marvel Comics and DC Comics as an inker. He has also pencilled books, such as his creation The Sleeze Brothers.

Lanning's writing has included his and Abnett's 2000 relaunch of DC's title Legion of Super-Heroes. The two co-created the Resurrection Man character with artist Jackson Guice in 1997.





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Usually free for the comic writers & artists. The artists usually charge for sketches (cost depends on the size & detail).


There may be a limit depending on how busy/popular they are. I've had no problems with them signing 5 or 6 comics but if you turn up with 20 you might get some funny looks.

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