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Amandla and Dayo

special child

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Oh my goodness, they were so lovely. I went on the Friday so we basically chatted to them for 20 minutes. Dayo was a sweetheart, really chatty and just an amazing guy. Amandla was very shy at first but I think she grew to be very sociable after realising we're not all mad (*coughs*). I loved how they were both absorbed with the Hunger Games cosplayers and took pictures of them to share on twitter and instagram! Brilliant guests, and all I can hope is that Showmasters bring them back along with Jackie and Leven just so the talk can be more talk-like.


p.s. here's an interview from them at CMMK http://www.thehob.org/2012/06/video-interviews-with-dayo-okeniyi-amandla-stenberg-at-collectormania.html

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