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The free autographs can be on any item you wish

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swsigsuk    6

Anything. They do not have to be on a 10x8. Whatever you want the guest to sign, as far as we are concerned you can ask them to sign it. If you would rather have it on a 10x8 there will be free 10x8s provided at the show.


If the guest refuses to sign something for personal reasons that is their business, but this show, and specifically these autographs, are not any different to any others at sm shows.


Sorry for the separate thread but I have answered this question so many times in emails, on here, on facebook and in various other places it was starting to drive me potty.



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KingRichard76    996

I'm sorry that I've pushed you over the edge of sanity to post this topic. But to be honest before now I had no idea, now I do and I appreciate the answer.


Again I apologise.

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