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Thank you my Glasgow peeps


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Just wanted to say a Big thank you to everyone that helped over the weekend and the weeks running upto the show


The friday set up team: Sean, Angie, Kris, Bruce, Chantelle, caroline, Talie, Tara, Sharon and Karen! All was set up super fast so thank you for that ment I could go and eat shame that I could not get drunk :blush:!


Sat: To all in the guest signing area you were all fantastic and did you jobs well and everything went smooth. Angie, Sarah, Hazel, Bruce, Sharon, Juile, Paula, Claire, Ania and Robert Thank you.


Sun: To everyone OMG how fast did you do breakdown!! I go away and come back and its all done! Awesome!!


See some of you again soon and the rest next year


Andrew M

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I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who was crewing for making it such a great weekend.


Particular thanks to everyone who sang happy birthday to me in the bar on Saturday night and to Andrew H for arranging the chocolate birthday cake for me and Sharon on Sunday. Also thanks to Julie for being a great roomie.


See some of you at EMS and hopefully everyone else next year.

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I had a really great time at Glasgow this year.


Thanks to Sarah and Andy Murray for being fab pit bosses over the weekend.


To Too Tall for showing me those pictures!!!


Also thanks to the rest of the crew for cheering me up. Things are not too great for me right now, and you all helped me to forget my troubles for the weekend - thank you so much.

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