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Highs and lows

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Highs: Meeting RDA and getting a cuddle from him :thumbup: Talking to RDA at the signings about Ice hockey. Hes as nuts about it as i am.

Enjoyed everything else about the weekend, the crews managing the queues for photoshoot were amazing, getting me a chair to sit on at the top of the queue. Then calling me in when it was my turn :D


Only one Low, not being able to get my `Moody` print of RDA at the convention itself. I did keep going back to reg desk to ask the crew if they had it yet. Eventually after the closing Ceremony i asked again, one of the crew took my badge number and Address and said it would be posted out to me at no cost to myself.


I have emailed Showmasters and collectormania to ask when it will be posted because i want to be in when it comes. I don`t want the postie trying to squeeze it through the letterbox.

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1, Getting to see and meet RDA!

2, Getting to see Teryl again and getting to got to the saturday Guest Encounter with her. yay! Still can't believe i got that!

3, Getting to meet Fulvio and also getting to see Dan again.

4, Meeting some really nice people and making 2 new friends.




1, My feet hurting!

2, My back hurting.

3, Missing the auction on Saturday. (But i had good news i had to tell my family - non con related.)

4, It was over way too fast.

5, Not being able to use my brain during the Guest Enounter with Teryl. I couldn't come up with any questions, so kept quiet.

6, Having to leave!

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Highs - meeting RDA and lots of lovely friends again. :D

Lows - Sorry, but Fulvio's rather repeated jokes about that rape scene. :WINCE:


I don't know if I would class those as jokes, he sounded weirded out when he mentioned that creepy website list and the second time was more explaining how the scene was filmed and I recall him saying it was a hard scene to shoot

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