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It is discussed with the guests and agents before hand though. The first thing I do when I'm assisting a guest is ask them if they're happy to have 'over the table' photo's done.


In Lindas case, she said she was happy, but referred me to her agent, who in turn said yes.


That was first thing in the morning.


By halfway through the day, I'd been told 'no more' and that was that!

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We as an organisation never stop photos at the table for no reason and WE will certainly not do it to boost photo shoot sales. Jason is a huge advocate of people getting a photo of the guest signing.


There is no point ins asking before the show because as we've found guest can and will still change their minds on the day. And what do you want us to do, show them a contract and say "Well you signed here saying you'd do it, so tough!"


As others have said, we do ask the guests if they are happy to have posed photos when they arrive in the morning, but there is still ALWAYS the chance that the situation will change during the day.


The guest may have every intention of allowing posed photos but as the day goes on they change their minds. Sometimes we just CAN'T tell the attendees WHY.


The list of reasons we've had in the past would boggle your mind but again I'm not going to add that list here. As you can imagine the list is also full of mundane things like the guest gets a head ache etc. But these are things WE CAN NOT predict and a lot of the time it's not our place to tell the public about.


When an attendee comes up and asked for a photo and the crew says no, they shouldn't HAVE to clarify the reason why! They shouldn't need to say it's because the guest has a head ache.


These things do happen, it's unfortunate but people have to understand that getting a posed photo at the desk is an EXTRA and should not be an expectation. Please be happy with the ones you do get and understand that the others are only ever stopped for a reason.

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