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Nothing wrong with your scanner. They look good. I don't think Tom is used to someone being taller than he is! Feel sorry for the lovely Lucy as well. Her 10 inch heels made little impression on you!


ive not got anything to properly clean it with at the moment and on the ones where ppl are in black you can see sort of a smudging thing, need to get some glass cleaner for scanners.


yer tom made some comments on my height at the lfcc last year and i think remembered me cos he mentioned my height again and would only do that pose lol, he also said oh heres my biggest fan when i got his sig, even though it could be taken as a dig to my weight lol im taking it as one on my height and hoping he remembered me from last year as he seemed to which was nice.



yer lucy was hot ;-)


here is my whole album



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Janet Fielding & Paul McGann




Sian Pattenden & Lucy Benjamin




Dr Bear takes to the stage for his interview




Tom Baker is concerned as 300 Californian women enter the room






Sylvester 'I loved the Daleks so much I am turning into one' McCoy




Coronation Streets new Blanche




Peter Davison & Janet Fielding discuss memoirs



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