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Who stood out ?

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Bolly - thanks for the comments, i'm now blushing :D , can't wait till the next con. Am i right in thinking you were in front of me in the JB photoshoot queue???


Victoria - thanks for the add, loved the title of our pic together ;) .


Hope to see you both again at cons in the future xxx


Maybe. I was in the yellow ticket queue and was standing with two of my friends, one of whom has red hair.


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I think little Glinda was a very good costume and must have taken hours to get to the standers it was at, I was rather disappointed when she did not win the children's cosplay but little Castiel was cute, But I personally liked Little Glinda better. :thumbup:


No Offence intended :(

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If your one of these, which by the sounds of it you are, I have to say on behalf of I think everyone your costumes were extremely good and a big hit with everyone! :blink:

And your both gorgeous lol :D:P




haha, thank you! ^^;

I'm in the blue :P


I have to admit though, apart from being the better looking one (she even got asked out! XD), Alice also made both her red one and my blue one~ So all credit goes to her~ I can only take credit for the tribbles XD;



Sakuraso you see there they have a pic of you on the front page for http://www.collectormanialondon.com/, amazing pic by the way.



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