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Our Meadow


( Thankyou Stephenie Meyer for Giving us Edward)





This must be heaven, even if god did not exist, this must be better then how heaven is portrayed.

I sat twisting my fingers through her silky hair. I watched the expression on her face, the glimmer in her eyes, the sparkle to her smile, and how she devoted herself entirely to our little miracle. Our daughter, Renesmee. I watched my own personal Angel intensely, I didnt think I could possible fall in love with her any further, but as I lay here in our meadow with the breeze playing with her hair and the sun sparkling of off her smooth skin, I realised that this was truly heaven. I remembered sitting in the corner of her room in that rocking chair watching her sleep and wishing that I could have her for eternity, I never would have dreamt I would have all this, a family.

I watched Renesmee giggle chasing the butterflies in the wild flowers, so excited and full of life she was utterly refreshing. She was growing more every day and her knowledge and love of this world was compelling. She never seizes to amaze me.

"Edward?" I sighed closing my eyes. I could feel her walking towards me, I could feel her gracefulness in the air. Her scent was still as divine as the first day I met her, it still drove me crazy.

"Hey what are you thinking about" she prodded me in my ribs, still a little stronger then me, I couldnt get used to that. It felt slightly odd, my existence was based on keeping her alive, now she was able to take me out..Ironic really.

I sighed again breathing her in before I answered." Just reminiscing, I guess. Did I tell you today that you look beautiful? I really do love that shade of blue on you". She rolled her eyes gazeing back at Renesmee." No I dont think you did, but thank you" I could almost see her blush still.

I sat in front of her and took her face in my hands and searched her eyes as deep as they went, they were still so warm and fragile to me. "Bella, my Bella. You look beautiful today" I couldnt help but smile slightly at her, it was fascinating. She still got all flustered around me. I laughed at her as she pulled a funny face, she knew I couldnt resist. I leaned in still looking into her honey golden eyes. I waited until she closed them before lightly pressing my lips against hers. I held everything that was important to me between my hands. "Daddy?" another sweet angelic voice popped up between us. "Yes Renesmee?" I picked her up to sit on our laps. She handed Bella a flower and then kissed my cheek so sweetly. "How did you know you loved mummy?"

I smiled at my wife sitting beside me as we both laughed lightly. "Maybe when you are a little older, then we'll tell you the story".



By Natalie B

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( Thankyou Stephenie Meyer for Giving us Edward)


I agree lol...

really liked it.. was so lovely..



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