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We walked through the car park silently. I glanced up at him every other minute, our fingers entwined. The soft moonlight made his skin a paler shade of white, if that were possible, but that just made him look even more glorious. He smiled his perfect crooked smile noticing my quick glances, his smile left me breathless. I wondered what he was thinking when he was silent, what is eye’s would reveal if I dared to look into them, (that was something I wasn’t going to do, his eye’s always distracted my train of thought). Reaching his car. I pulled the handle but he pressed his hand against the door before I could open it. I had to look into his eye’s now.

“Do you want me to walk?†I asked sarcastically knowing his response before he spoke. But he didn’t speak, he just eyed me dubiously. He let out a quick breath incapacitating my mind with it’s incredible sweet scent. He smiled at my obvious infatuation of his scent. He then raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow, questioning.

“Do you want me to walk?†I asked again, less confident now, did he seriously want me to walk? No I didn’t believe that. Did I?

His smile widened with amusement , he put his hand on my waist pulling me tighter to his chest. I looked down at the ground, not wanting to meet his gaze. He put one finger under my chin delicately tilting my head up, he brushed a cold finger along my cheek, giving me chills. Even softer he pressed his lips to mine, he continued to kiss me, tracing my jaw, down my neck, when he swept his nose from the hollow of my neck to my ear.

“You are so beautiful†he murmured in his irresistible velvet soft voice, “And no... I’m not making you walk†he chuckled quietly. “Unless that’s what you want?†he raised an eyebrow again, sheer amusement plain on his face. It took me a moment to think coherently.

“Maybe I do?†I challenged with an attempt of a smug smile. He chuckled at my inability to lie effectively .

“Well …. I wasn’t really giving you a choice, I just can’t seem to stay away from you and tonight looking the way you do it would be criminal to allow you walk home alone, but if you want I will not stop you…. You will have to out run me first of course?†he chuckled at the thought.


It wasn’t a long drive home with his ridiculous driving. We pulled up outside Charlie’s, the light’s still on. I put my hand on the door getting out, when I felt his cool breath tickle the back of my neck. “See you tonight†he whispered quietly. My heart reacted erratically but I continued to get out of the car. “Oh….. and Bella, I do love that shade of blue on you†he called before driving off, leaving me impatient for his return…..




Age 16

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I love this :L:L:L:L:L:L




your great this is great









yeah..bye now ;)



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mii 8 yr old sister just read, this and she hates twilight!!! I know, strange, but that isn't the point, she has just run downstairs and started reading it!!!


It is so sweet!!! Love it

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