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Another Big Thankyou to the A-Team Guys


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Hi All



I know its been awhile since Coventry but I would just like to post this thread a say a big thankyou to the Guys in the A-Team Corner.


Thankyou very much to Lenny, Colin and Stu.


My son had the best weekend seeing Dirk again but also a lot of thanks should go to these guys as well they were great and my young son loved them all and enjoyed seeing and siting in the A-Team Van and Faces Corvette. They were great with my son and spoilt him. 3 top guys.


I heard lots of people talk at the event how they enjoyed seeing the A-Team Van and Corvette and also how great Lenny, Colin and Stu were and the photos they took were great to. My photos are fantastic. Great memeories never forgotton.


So after hearing all the good coments about these great guys but not seeing a thread started I thought I would start one.



Also To Jason, Please, Please can we have the Guys :-







come again to another Showmasters event with the A-Team Van and Face's Corvette


Please Please x a million.


Thanking you.


Take Care All

Kind Regards Jo

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