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  1. Hi Everyone, Hope you are all ok and eveyone is looking forward to Destination Star Trek Europe, not long now I have just seen that Adam Nimoy is coming he said this himself on twitter a few days ago. This is awesome, I'm surprised his attending has not been announced. Does any one know if we will be able to get his autograph? Anyway I hope everyone going has a great time Thanks Jo
  2. Hi Just go on the Travel lodge website and type in the postcode for the NEC which is B40 1NT when searching a travel lodge there are 4-5 in the area look at them carefully as all are different some do food some don't some have showers in rooms some don't some charge for cars some don't they are all different just read their facilities carefully Hope this helps Kind Regards Jo
  3. Hi Everyone, My son and I have booked a Travel lodge, If you are at the convention all day then you can't go wrong with Travel lodges or Premier Inns really. Just somewhere to sleep. For the 2 of us (2 Adults) staying 2 nights Friday + Saturday it only cost us £107 and that's with breakfast included We are happy with that. Hope this helps We are very much looking forward to the event. Kind Regards Jo
  4. Thank you I just thought with 3700 spaces and over 10000 going I was going to struggle. By any chance do you know a road name for other multi storey so I can stick it in sat nav. Thanks for your help I appreciate it Jo
  5. Hi can any please help me with some local knowledge as well. We are coming by car and will leave plenty of time however if the Excel car park is full does anyone please know of any other parking /car parks in the Area as a back up please. Thanks for any help in advance Kind regards Jo
  6. Edit: Sorry but advertising/selling is not allowed on this forum.
  7. Hi I have a question if I may My son and I have photos for Patrick Stewart photo on Sunday (and we cant wait ) But the timetable shows on Sunday 2 photo shoot times for Patrick Stewart at 11.40 and 16.10! how do we know which one is ours ?? We would like to know in advance if possible to plan the rest of our day Thanks for any help Kind Regards Jo 5 DAYS Yippeee
  8. Would be nice to have more TNG main crew as its their 25th Anniversary Also would love Reg Barclay "Dwight Schultz"
  9. Thanks for your reply, Thats disappointing and hard on the budget and in my opinion a little unfair. But hey ho we are still looking forward to coming
  10. Hi please can I ask the organizers a question about photo shoot prices I am attending Destination London with my son who will be 13 then (Coming to Destination London Is his birthday pressie during his birthday week :)) Anyway my question is please For my son and I to be in the same photo with say for example SIR PATRICK STEWART do I have to buy 2 Photo Shoot Tickets when we only need and want 1 Photo ???? Before when I have been to other events I have been told that I needed to buy 2 photo shoot tickets for myself and my son to be in the same photo. So last time I did this, but when collectiong my photos after I got 2 photos . THat was great but to be really honest I dont need 2 photos. My son and are live together obviously so we only need 1 photo !!! I hope you dont mind me asking and I hope you understand why I have asked Because If I have to pay double all the time I will really limit the number of photo shoots he and I can do. Thanks for you time Look forward to hearing from you Jo and one very excited 12 soon to be 13 yr old. Also ps Are the Bridge photo shoots on sale yet ?? Thankyou
  11. I'll second that x a million would love to Dwight Schultz lt Barclay at this event Please x a million show masters pretty please
  13. PATRICK STEWART PRETTY PLEASE x a million Any TNG actors to go with Michael Dorn as well THANK YOU
  14. Hi My son would like to see Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz please at this event, I do happen to know that Dirk Benedict will be in England at this time and possible free PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE from a 10yr old. Kind Regards JO
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