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Cheaper Travel from North East to MK

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Hi guys,


just wondered if anyone from the northeast manages to get to Milton Keynes for a reasonable price?

The train fare from Newcastle has gone up to over £90 :o

I have looked into flying to London and it worked out about the same price with a 2hr+ bus journey on top. I travel with someone who has a bad leg and can't sit for long (so buses are out).


I know sometimes if you change at certain train stations you can get cheaper tickets. If anyone travels from North east or North please could you tell me what kind of ticket you are getting, where from and how much so I can try and work out if there is a cheaper alternative for me!

The train I usually get goes through Durham, York, Leeds etc...


Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!!! :D

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newcastle to birmingham is something like 10 each way and then if you get another from there....


to miltin keynes its about 14 for an open return...


hope that helps you need to do it in steps...


book through virgin trains or what used to be gner

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